Company Profile


A2B-Productions specializes in transforming your events into lifelong memories. We are film professionals dedicated to providing top notch video productions. The principal members of A2B-Productions are Nick Asilo and Todd Bubier.

Having a BS degree in Communications Media and specializing in Film and Video production work, Nick Asilo can always be found behind the camera. When not shooting events for A2B-Productions Nick is a camera operator for WMUR, the ABC News Affiliate in New Hampshire. Nick has a passion for designing the perfect lighting for any set, be it indoors or out.



Todd has a BA degree in Journalism and Film. Having worked both sides of the camera, one of Todd's most memorable performances was in Sweeny Todd! Todd is a frequent blogger and both he and Nick are regulars at Anime Boston and ConnectiCon. Todd's pre-production and post-production contributions to A2B-Productions are key to its ongoing success.





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